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Autoclave_China dental autoclave(barrel) OR-B304

Autoclave,sterilze for your instrument.water distiller

Autoclave_China dental autoclave(barrel) OR-B304
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    A good autoclave can be the trust of customers, clients hope that their devices are compeletely sterilized by autoclave.
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To meet the demand of market, KD-2200 sterilization series have adopted international advanced technology and modern design ideas, high-temperature and high-pressure combining with dry proceeding procedure, intelligent operation model. Adjustable disinfection time model not only ensure perfect sterilization effect but also improve efficiency and enhance safety. Both security and reliability meet China national testing standard.

Physical space:  6L   16L
Sterilizing temperature: 121℃   134℃
Dry procedure: dry
Display:  LCD,
Test: bowie&dick, leak
Sterilizing record:there is a micro-printer optional, recording the whole process of sterilizing
Safety feature: pressure release valve and computerized diagnosing and alarm system
Water supply system: reservoirs ( L fresh water and  liter waste water reservoirs)
Operation pressure/temperature: 1.9~2.1bar/134±2℃
Operation temperature: 0~40℃
Fussy: T6A
Instrument containers: 2trays (6L)   3trays (16L)

The clearance between the exterior side surface of the autoclave and the ambient neighboring articles shall be 10cm as retained, and the top surface shall be 20cm retained.
The air-cooling window attached to the exterior surface of the autoclave shall be non-clog by dust or articles, and the autoclave shall be located in the proper air flowing environment by recommendation of the supplier. 
The autoclave shall be installed on the horizontal working base.

Before operation, please connect well to the power source. Connect the power source hole under the back left side of the autoclave and the power socket by the attached power cable inside the product’s package so as to switch on the autoclave. Push down the main power button at the right bottom corner of the front side, when LCD display bright it means that the autoclave get through with the electric power, and the process then is in initialization status with “LOAD” being shown on the screen. The autoclave is not heated while under such initialization status. Note: If the boot display "DOOR", need to open the door knob, so that the work status display "LOAD".

Maintenance and Service
1.Sterilize the pure water tank by medical disinfectant on time weekly.
2.Disinfect and clean the interior surface of the autoclave room on time monthly.
3.Replace the core of the melter.
(1) Shut off the power
(2) Revolve the fuse base by counter-clockwise by screwdriver to bring out the melting fuse to be replaced;
(3) Replace the new fuse and reset the fuse base on the original position, then use the screwdriver to fasten the base by clockwise.
(4)Check the correctness of the parameter of the new fuse replaced.
4.Clean the sealing ring periodically
The user shall clean the sealing ring periodically for avoiding the influence to the seal caused by the dust/dirt left due to the long period use. Use the smooth cloth with distilled water to wipe the surface of the sealing ring or sealing cap gently. The user shall discharge the sealing ring for further cleaning or replacement if the air-leaking problem can not be resolved after the above process (The user shall discharge the sealing ring periodically for cleaning and inspection as recommendation by the supplier). Put back the ring to the original door groove after cleaning. Most Important: the inset work must be done equably to the groove During the installation, the laid four equal points of the ring must be inserted to the groove firstly, later for the same work for the remaining segments of the ring. After finishing, press the sealing ring equally by the force of hand.
5.Shut off the power before service or components’ replacement, and the service or replacement work shall be done by the supplier or his designated technician.

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