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Air prophy_China dental 2 hole air prophy(taiwan) OR-H103
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Air prophy,Air prophy powder,Artful shape ,easy hold

Air prophy_China dental 2 hole air prophy(taiwan) OR-H103
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    Air prophy manufacture&Air prophy supplier-oral E is worth believeing and its air prophy can meet all client needs.welcome to and get more news about air prophy/air prophy powder.
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Artful shape ,easy hold
Rotate nozzle,clean thoroughly3-point spray,better clean result
 Powder and pipeline connections: two hole, four-hole-type powder box, powder box directly to the phone lines into the rear port alignment after tightening nut.

 Nozzle and the powder box connection: pull Powder pre-clasp, hold, will insert the nozzle vertically Cartridge Interface Road at the end of, release the clasp.

 Clean tooth powder filling: twist to open powder box cover all of the new clean tooth powder load, tightening

*Do not jet directly onto the aryl svFt tissues or subgingiva.
*Use clean and dry air alI thr time. i}Iaist air could cause the powder to solidify and clog the powder passage.
*Care should be exercised to prevent the scattered powder Frt,m entering the patient's pthcr mucous membranes such as eyes and nose.
*Use our pomander only. In case a trouble takes place with use of other powders, we shall not be held liable to the incident consequcnecs.
*Fill one pack of powder in the powder case for each patient. In case some amount of the powder is left in the powder case
unused discard it.
*Do not use the powder remained in the pack unused For an extended period of time,to avoid cogging of the device by the moistened powder.

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