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How To Save Costs On Your Dental Handpiece

Author:Jacky   Post time:2011-07-30

Dentists have many different options for getting an expensive dental handpiece repair. If the piece is new, they can send it back to the manufacturer to get it replaced perhaps under warranty. If not under warranty, there are sometimes local options in larger cities, or national service centers. Some local options offer pickup and delivery as well.

  Since there are many manufacturers of these units, many offices have a supplier catalog they can get the name of a company to use. Some companies are local and will even offer pick up on the equipment. Many others, will need to be mailed out. Depending on what needs to be done, work can take from a few days to a week.   To cut down on minor repair and upkeep costs, many offices buy repair kits and have an assistant learn basic repairs. By doing this, it allows the practice to keep costs down and the unit on site without the delay of downtime.   Some fixes can be very economical. Short of full refurbishment, some maintenance is still more economical than a new handpiece that can run several thousand dollars. Motor work, or bushing replacement can be simple for some facilities. Replacement parts for common breakage are able to be ordered also.   Ultra high speed bearings are found in numerous functions as well as dental drills. For high speed handpiece bearing uses, noise, vibration, and reliability are all vital factors that are heavily affected by both the design and the particulars of the manufacturing process. Stainless steel bearings for the high speed hand piece applications are accessible in very nearly any size. A variety of features, including, flanges, dimensions, and additional features are available to guarantee a correct fit in the dental hand piece repair.   Various retainer materials and ball materials, coatings, and shielding are available to meet the requirements of dental hand piece repair. It is essential to opt for the appropriate dental bearing retainer for the bearing used in your hand piece. Phenolic retainers are the best option. These materials can avert component welding and lengthen the life of the bearing. These bearings allow smooth running at high speeds which will lengthen the life of your hand piece repair.   Dental hand piece applications require long life at speeds of five hundred thousand RPM and a few newer models are even higher. They must also withstand repetitive autoclaving. The bearings corrosion resistance is an essential concern and must allow for frequent sterilizing. Food safe oils and greases designed for high speeds and temperatures play a vital function in the performance of any bearing used in a dental hand piece. For high speed functions, bearing noise, vibration, and life are all imperative points which are greatly affected by the bearing design and the intricate particulars of the bearing fabrication procedure.