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Dental handpieces

Author:Jacky   Post time:2011-07-30

A dental handpiece is a tool that drills into certain parts of the tooth with high speed. When you have those painful caries in the tooth and a visit to the doctor, he suggests you to go for a filling which is basically done after drilling the tooth with a dental handpiece.

These dental hand pieces generally use their rotating motion to make a hole in your tooth. Now a days there are many advanced drills which can rotate at a speed of 800,000 rpm. They contain minute alloy bits which are also known as “burs”.

These burs come with different shapes specialized for various applications. While working on your teeth the dental handpiece gives out a shrill sound which often scares the patient.

Types of dental handpiece

There are various types of dental handpieces available in the market. They are generally segregated in two particular categories depending upon the speed of the handpiece. The two categories are high speed dental handpiece and low speed handpiece. Generally these handpieces use a system which is operated by air.

They contain an air driven turbine inside. This generates the rotational motion of the dental handpiece. The high speed handpiece is also known as the “Contra-angel handpiece”. They are used to remove the high deposition of unnecessary particles like spoiled enamel or dentin from the tooth cavity.

Some of the advanced models can rotate at the rate of 400,000 rpm. The low speed handpiece is operated by an inbuilt motor and their speed is around 80,000 rpm. These handpieces are used to carry out prophylaxis or refining the cavities. The dental handpiece requires regular lubrication and rinsing to last long.

Kavo dental handpiece is a good option

There are many prominent brands in the market which manufacture handpieces that are good and often show excellent performance. One of the best handpiece manufacturers is Kavo. The kavo dental handpiece contains certain special features that make them somewhat different from the others.

These handpieces maintain the optimum balance in between the generated torque and speed. They do not make much sound that will scare the patient and operating silently is possible with these handpieces. These dental handpieces are extremely durable and the reason is the powerful pressure regulator which is an inbuilt facility of the tool. There are varieties of products available with this company and you are free to choose the right one according to the purpose.

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