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China ORAL Equipment industry Current Situation and Prospect 

First, the interpretation of ORAL-E
China ORAL Equipment Co.,Ltd. (: ORAL-E ®), one of the most representative Chike industry for China, China's medical device market, especially high-end large-scale medical equipment, is still a considerable extent dependence on imports, is committed to dental equipment, research, specializing in the production of dental equipment and research and development, to some extent to achieve import substitution; for local medical device companies in China, it is a great opportunity for development. Current medical care medical equipment has become the second largest category of goods import and export commodities, over two decades, we learn from the first round to the progressive innovation, medical technology, whether oral or equipment, materials, manufacturing our have made encouraging progress. Although we have not created an international reputation for excellent brand, but I believe the company is like a man to do the same, the value of the brand on behalf of a company's conduct. A successful brand, not just passed to consumers on behalf of an enterprise value of the product or commitment, beyond the product or service itself, but an emotional and cultural. This feeling comes from the brand itself reflecting the human characteristics, cultural characteristics and spirit of the brand. I believe out of quality first, service-leading approach to the product of people will be able to practice their "truth, goodness and beauty," the pursuit of goals. 

Second, the history of Chinese medicine tooth cavity
Medicine has a long history of tooth cavity, as early as the 14th century BC, Oracle will have a tooth cavity in the written record of the disease. Although modern medicine in the tooth cavity is a new discipline in China, but has been in rapid development after the founding, in particular the reform and opening up of nearly 10 years to develop more rapidly, in many areas has reached world advanced level. Medical equipment from the tooth cavity market, both professional and medical equipment, or tooth cavity tooth cavity care products, were shown unprecedented prosperity and wealth, dental equipment and apparatus for tooth cavity with an industrial output value of industry by the year 2000 411 million increase to 957 million yuan in 2006, as of November 2007 has reached 916 million yuan (0.0046% share of total GDP). The Chinese medical device market, the tooth cavity after the United States and Japan to become the world's third largest market. 
Third, the Chinese tooth cavity market structure (Oral-E ®)
Medical and health system reform, and the development of community hospitals need to purchase new equipment and facilities, more tooth cavity shows that the Chinese medical device market has great potential. However, some factors are also to some extent hindered the tooth cavity investors to enter China medical device industry pace.
1. China's tooth cavity large number of medical device companies, but the scale is much smaller, especially the core management and more unstable, people change too frequently, to a certain extent, affected the confidence of investors
2. China's domestic medical device companies, tooth cavity is still relatively weak awareness of intellectual property, infringement of intellectual property of others and sometimes companies, sometimes companies are not good at protecting their intellectual property
3. Medical device industry, development of relevant policies and lack of stability is less investment in the exchange industry, but also each block
4. Guangdong has become the tooth cavity industrial scale, large number of manufacturers, but the extreme lack of communication with each other, but also set up the wall, there is no mutual sharing of resources and common development. 
Fourth, China's market environment, industry, tooth cavity (Oral-E ®)
In recent years, medical devices tooth cavity direction gradually extended to the multi-functional, product structure adjustment, the market also expanded. Medical equipment production concentration increased gradually, the medical device industry gradually expanded economies of scale, new technologies and new products are emerging. Tooth cavity medical equipment industry has become China's advanced manufacturing industry is an important part.
China Medical Device tooth cavity has a broad market, full of endless opportunities. China has 1.5 billion people, 410,000 medical and health institutions, medical devices tooth cavity has a broad development space. China is the world's top ten emerging markets medical devices, has become the largest in Asia excluding Japan market. In 2007, health care reform started, the government has increased investment in basic public health network, no doubt to the tooth cavity medical device manufacturers to bring a larger market space. 
Fifth, the market share of China's tooth cavity Equipment Market Analysis (Oral-E ®)
Dental chairs and comprehensive treatment of Taiwan by China's usage of hospital equipment, the current equipment is still a large number of extended use, this situation also exists a large hospital. Which the hospital purchased the peak concentration in 97-99 years, then began a steady growth. No matter the size of the hospital, most of the equipment still in use 50000 the following domestic equipment. Price 50 000 tooth cavity below the basic domestic equipment has been, in the high-end equipment imported equipment increases the proportion of grade 10-150000 yuan, almost entirely imported equipment, accounting for 88.77%, indicating that domestic equipment manufacturers tooth cavity Main production pattern of low-end equipment has not fundamentally changed. 
Sixth, Guangzhou advancing tooth cavity, "China" area - Oral-E ®
The late eighties, the Hong Kong-owned international advanced tooth cavity traders equipment, materials, introduced to China's large and medium hospitals, health tooth cavity for China's rapid development has laid the characteristics of foundation for the tooth cavity device provides a national industry study learn from the example. Was a new trend of Guangdong Foshan / Guangzhou area, and gradually formed a new tooth cavity equipment production base, with Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, several state-owned manufacturers to form the fierce competitive situation. Supporting domestic industry, the gradual improvement of the chain, development and expansion of technical personnel to have a certain financial strength of private investors saw the establishment of production and self-winding path of national brand of glow.
As the Oral-E ® leads the way, I am in the oral care business and distribution equipment sediment more than ten years and has accumulated rich experience in technology and market for my tooth cavity into the Chinese manufacturing industry confidence. 
Seven, teeth cavity device market situation in China (Oral-E ®)
1. Dental equipment with low-grade
2. High consumption, low profits
3. Vicious price competition
To which the Chinese tooth cavity development of medical equipment
Tooth cavity is a commercial medical services, social, network services, health services tooth cavity change and development, fundamentally determine its equipment and materials production and use.
Tooth cavity Clinic: suitable for a large number of small-scale development. Health problems of tooth cavity and systemic disease compared to less systemic problems, tooth cavity in the absence of a large medical hospital environment can support solo practitioners, large-scale centralized services than the tooth cavity hospitals more competitive. Clinic tooth cavity is not the individual investments, easy opening. Therefore, goods and services with a strong color of the tooth cavity clinics in the future, the market share of China's leading medical tooth cavity position.
Commercial Insurance: Business insurance can reduce the risk of health care network development, reduce patient costs, thereby reducing the overall social costs and accelerate the development of medical networks.
Network Service: This is a tooth cavity in health care a key feature of network coverage by many health care services to the community than in the region focus on building large tooth cavity hospitals, investment, medical services,
Have more advantages of high efficiency, modern society and information technology to make this easier to implement network management community.
Kowloon, China, the development direction of tooth cavity devices
Comprehensive earlier, in the future for a long period of time, following directions will be predictable.
The direction of one: "people-oriented" direction of development: in today's industrial products "people-oriented" design, the production concept, the dental equipment is no exception to the focus to service, comfortable, safe, fast, comprehensive trend is obvious.
Health, environmental protection direction: As China's rapid increase in living standards, the prevention of oral cross-infection, the use of new technologies, new materials, it is important to eliminate health hazards research direction.
Direction II: highly integrated, digital, network: the tooth cavity and systemic disease are different diseases, the health care needs of the patient more dependent on the device level, thereby enhancing the integrated device
Three directions: the level and number of joint configuration, network, is the largest tooth cavity devices, the most promising direction.
Overview, combined with our present situation, the development of medical services tooth cavity determines the trend of universal and comprehensive treatment of the material needs of Taiwan for quite a long time will show a steady upward trend. Of course, as China's rapidly improving living standards, some of the more affluent groups also need to be a higher level of service, some high-end devices have a certain market, they will be mainly in large hospitals and cosmetic tooth cavity, plastic specialist hospitals and high-end dental clinic. Excellent high-end equipment configuration and performance, to better meet people's teeth cavity health and beauty requirements increasing, but not those in the high-end equipment, general dental chairs crowding the market. 
Eighth. equipment market in China in the tooth cavity problems
1. Although China is currently legislation in IPR protection has improved, but also expect the Government to create better and more transparent trading environment. Especially in the product registration, government bidding and purchasing, etc. need to be further improved.
2. Small scale industries, development of backward. On the whole, our dental equipment and other medical equipment industry, compared with developed countries in terms of quality, quantity, technical level there are still gaps. China's medical equipment industry accounts for only 3% of the world, not only can not meet the needs of our health business, with China's economic aggregate level of 7% of the world will not match.
3. Although low-end market, the domestic equipment industry tooth cavity development and transfer of production of multinational companies can make the domestic production base to meet market demand, but in high-end market, China's development of medical devices tooth cavity and the developed countries there are periodic gap tooth cavity of sophisticated medical equipment demand is still dependent on imports.
4. In recent years, China's industrial restructuring and international industry transfer and many other reasons, China's major developed countries under the trade surplus is huge. This trend will continue for some time. In order to achieve trade balance, increase imports become the next period the focus of the overall trade balance, while the medical device category of high-tech products, is the state encourages imports. However, the expansion of imports of medical equipment is a unity of contradictions: With economic development, China's growth in demand for medical equipment, imports of medical equipment can improve our medical and dental cavity the overall level of the medical device industry, but will bring the overall medical rising costs and the impact on the domestic industry. 
Ninth, China Future ORAL-E 
China's manufacturing technology will come from the tooth cavity in the laboratory research stage that today's technology? The answer is yes. History has proved that the progress of the industrial revolution led tooth cavity raising the level of medical technology is the inevitable result.
Development of new materials, new equipment is to improve the competitiveness of the industry level and the eternal topic.
1.ORAL-E production costs rise, corporate big-pressure force
2. ORAL-E enterprises generally low R & D capabilities
3. ORAL-E less interaction within the industry, but also block each other
Characteristics of medical devices in the next 20 years after the medical device will be like? In a more cost-conscious society, a variety of regulations and control measures will be inclined to those who can make the diagnostic procedures and treatment techniques in the general clinic. These new devices will tend to appear simple, durable, integrated multiple functions, and easy to carry.
"People-oriented" direction of development: in today's industrial products "people-oriented" design, the production concept, the tooth cavity device is no exception to the focus to service, comfortable, safe, fast, comprehensive trend is obvious.
As of 2010, the state of rural health service system in the project total investment of 200 billion yuan, of which the amount of investment for equipment configuration about 30%. In addition, the current medical and health institutions nationwide 175,000 of medical instruments and equipment, 15% of the 20th century, before and after the age of 70 products, 60% of the last century until the mid 80's products, which is a process of replacement demand for the release process, will ensure the next 10 years or even longer period of time the Chinese medical device market tooth cavity rapid growth.
Equipment from the tooth cavity of the development process point of view, China's equipment manufacturing tooth cavity tooth cavity and the medical cause of China to grow together, from small to large. In 2005, China's medical industry revenue tooth cavity 450 billion, the proportion of the total health care industry about 6%, but also greatly promoted China's medical equipment and apparatus for tooth cavity industry's rapid development. The country in recent years, sales of medical devices can be seen, the ORAL-E, especially favored by the market of medical equipment, all kinds of dental treatment units, tooth cavity materials, equipment and other orthodontic tooth cavity growth in the sales market, raw materials, tooth cavity was in short supply situation.
Division equipment from my tooth cavity development prospects, although the health of tooth cavity gradually taken seriously, but patients with diseases of tooth cavities remained high, at 97.6%, of which 50% prevalence rate of dental caries, the whole China 2500000000 dental caries; the prevalence of periodontal disease as high as 80% or more; wrong deformity 50%; 65 years of missing teeth per person 11 or older; require professional intervention, the proportion without treatment was 94.5%. Addition of the dentist who had never seen more than 60%, less than 2% of the residents have regular habit of checking for tooth cavity.
The next few years, with the constant development of China's domestic economy and disposable income continues to increase, the different consumer groups, high-tech, cutting-edge medical equipment and facilities tooth cavity needs to be more urgent. Meanwhile in China, the growing popularity of medical knowledge tooth cavity, the public increasingly concerned about oral health, tooth cavity to the development of medical recovery from the previous simple changes in both functional and beautiful, from passive consumer to active consumption. China's industry is constantly releasing tooth cavity huge market demand, 1.5 billion people, China's huge market carries a tooth cavity consumer products business opportunities for domestic and foreign production and sales of medical devices tooth cavity has brought new business development opportunities.