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ORAL-E® Product location

Innovation: ORAL-E presented self-developed fiber illuminated handpiece, which is well-accepted by dentists in March 2010.And LED handpiece with E-generator(Patent NQ.ZL 2011 20116607.5) was presented in 2011, a new landmark of dental industry. In March, 2011, we introduce Color handpiece, E-generator integrated handpiece, E-generator integrated low speed handpiece(inner water spray), which are the world’s leading dental handpiece. Aiming at providing high quality and low-cost equipments, ORAL-E® is specialized in manufacturing handpiece, and will shape ORAL-E as an outstanding brand.




It is necessary to understand what's the brand location before discuss the brand location.. The so-called brand location is an enterprise of products and brands, based on the physical and psychological needs of the customer to find its own unique personality and a good image, which solidified in the minds of consumers, to occupy a valuable location. Brand location for the brand, and its core is to build brand value. The carrier is the product brand location, to honor its commitment to end the product, it must have included product positioning in it.

Product location the product in the future occupy the location of the eyes of potential customers. The focus is on potential customers in the future under the wisdom of the Kung Fu, this feature from the product, packaging, services, and many do research, and taking into account competitors. Control of the market through market research and consumer spending habits change, if necessary, relocation the product (rlocation).

Product location and implementation of the plan based on market location, market location by the guide, but more deeply anchored than market location. Specifically, in the minds of target customers for the products to create certain characteristics, given a certain image, to suit customer needs and preferences of some.


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